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newly installed hardwood flooring in living room

Rustic River Hardwood

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Craftsmanship, Quality and Integrity.

With vibrant visuals and advanced design technology, Bel Terra Tile offers leading edge looks of wood, stone and travertine. 

From kitchen to bath to floor, the Bel Terra assembly has the perfect tile to meet any need or design preference. 



stack of logs


The total character rating combines the shade variation and scrape level to gauge the overall character of each rustic wood floor on a scale of 1-10.

woodworking tools used to make shade variation on wood planks


Some styles feature an overall color impression with little variation, while others can show great variation from one plank to another, or even within a single plank.

wood plank flooring shavings


The scrape level describes the amount and depth of texture in each style. The higher the rating, the deeper the impression.


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