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Hardwood flooring has beauty, strength and character, along with options for every look. From smooth, glossy, traditional strips to wide, weathered planks, hardwood creates a beautiful backdrop for any style room. Today's hardwood floors are also milled and finished using techniques that require much lower maintenance than in years past. So you'll get the character you want in a floor that'll last.



Wood floors come in a variety of colors. From light to dark, the color of your floor can make a big impact of the overall design foundation of your room. Dark colored stains work well with modern décor, and medium stains, such as honey colored, pair nicely with traditional décor.


Plank Size

Plank size refers to the width of the wood floor and varies between 2 –7.5 inches in width. Narrow planks are often referred to as strips and typically have a more traditional look. Narrow planks can make a small room look larger. Wide planks typically have a more rustic look and can create a more intimate feel in a large space.



Some hardwood floors are cut at an angle, creating a beveled edge on the sides of the planks.  A beveled edge floor gives a casual look and disguises any unevenness in your flooring. A square edge provides a smooth surface and gives a more contemporary look to your room.



The gloss of your flooring ranges from extra shiny, creating a more formal look in your room, to matte, creating a more casual look in your room.



Prefinished hardwood is more durable and resistant to stains and discoloration compared to other types of hardwood flooring. Prefinished hardwood is a great option for rooms with heavy foot traffic.



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